Dark Nadir Anal Plug


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Nadir: (nay-DEER) noun: the lowest point of anything. This darkly seductive toy will no doubt find its way to your lowest point and get right to the bottom of things in short order. The Dark Nadir plug features a tapered, cone-shaped tip that lets you ease it in and gradually work up to the larger girth available further down. Once you have taken in the first half of this plug, a narrow stem provides your ass with a rest. Then you can move on to the smooth black globe that will give you a thrilling stretch before the Dark Nadir is fully plunged within you. The exclusive Starry Night PVC material adds visual appeal, and the convenient ring pull at the base allows for easy retrieval. Measurements: 7. 25 inch overall length, 5. 5 inch insertable length, 2. 11 inch max insertable diameter Material: PVC Product features Material: PVC Color: Black Length: 18. 40cm Min diameter: 5. 30cm Package size: 20x9x5cm


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