Sway Vibes No. 3 – Black


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The Sway Vibes No. 3 makes every occassion sexy and seductive. The vibrator thong can be worn discretely under your clothing and can be easily operated via the remote control. Sway Vibes No. 3 is made from soft silicone that bends easily. This way it is easy to wear the vibrator in your lingerie, even for longer use. Hand over the control and let your partner choose from the 10 different vibration settings. What will be your favourite? Of course you can also use the small vibrator for stimulation of the nipples and genitals during foreplay. Sway Vibes No. 3 is supplied with a lace thong (size S – L). The thong has a small opening where you can insert the toy. Product features Material: Silicone, ABS Color: Black Length: 9. 00cm Package size: 28. 5x12x6cm


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